Brooks and Knights Legal Consultants

Brooks and Knights Legal Consultants (BKLC) is a niche legal consultancy with specific focus on clean energy and environmental policy advisory. We consult for corporates and government agencies on issues concerning energy and the environment in Africa.

As an Africa-centered consultancy, we are passionate about preserving Africa’s natural environment and are committed to supporting the continent’s transition to sustainable energy using policy, regulatory and project-based solutions. We also provide strategic legal advisory to developers and investors on clean energy projects in Africa.

At Brooks and Knights Legal Consultants, we are invested in being part of Africa’s journey toward energy sufficiency, independence and environmental management, as well as achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

BKLC consultants are expert and recognised attorneys with in-depth knowledge and experience in renewable energy projects, including offshore and onshore wind, solar, biomass, and thermal plants. We also advise on matters relating to climate change and environmental sustainability from an African perspective.

At BKLC, we speak directly to the issues affecting our clients’ business interests. Our advisory is bespoke and tailored to meet clients’ business needs in a sustainable manner.

The core of our practice is governed by our mission statement – to provide quality, client-centered and bespoke legal advisory in the areas of clean energy and the environment.